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Kim Kardashian Involved In Car Crash, Left Uninjured

Neither Kim nor the other driver, a male, was ticketed by authorities. This is not the first street casualty that Kim experienced. In November last year, the reality show star was pulled over for speeding in Los Angeles on a busy freeway while trying to escape paparazzi chase. She was http://www.kimkardashiantaped.org/ also pulled over in March last year while driving her black Mercedes SUV. Back in 2012, Kim also found herself being pulled over for not having license plate on her vehicle. of 22 Hot beauty Kim Kardashian goes topless in fiance Kanye West's sexy new music video for Bound 2. See more of: Kim Kardashian The music video shows Kanye riding his motorcycle all the while, being straddled by a topless Kim.
More: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/english/tv/Kim-Kardashian-involved-in-car-crash-left-uninjured/articleshow/31880680.cms

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